Magni Gyro Sales Ltd

Magni Gyro UK are the UK Agents for the fantastic range of Magni Gyroplanes

Magni Owners Club

There is so much more to flying a Magni Gyroplane than simply soaring around your local area.

Owning a Magni means that you are a member of the Magni Owners Club. Join with like minded people and go on adventures touring the UK or venturing into Europe. A "gaggle" of Gyroplanes is a fantastic sight. As you fly into airfields you will always be turning heads and creating a lot of interest. Gyroplanes are the "new kid on the block" in terms of aviation and you will be the envy of many people. Owning a Magni is great, showing your Magni to others is awesome.

Members of the Magni Owners club can log in on this website to obtain the latest event and support information.